Meet my buddy Carl. He was graciously my main test beard. I chose those manly whiskers because Carl’s beard has to work harder than most. He’s an EMT at New Smyrna Speedway and a forest ranger. Carl's beard goes through a lot during the day, and it makes it through everything with the help of Irish beard balm.

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I started Irish beard balm because as I was growing my beard, I went through lots of beard balms trying to find one that suited me. There were a lot of options out there, but I only found one product that was fantastic. It was also really expensive, so I figured I’d make my own. I mean, how hard could it be? Well, it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I’d imagined. After going through a lot of product, money and nearly ruining a few test beards (thanks, guys!) I developed what’s now Irish beard balm.

Honestly, I never intended to turn it into a business. My original plan was to make some for friends and family and post a how-to video on 
YouTube. But my friends and family convinced me to start selling my product. So here we are today. Thank you for your support in making Irish beard balm successful.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Irish beard balm. I really did make this product for beard lovers like you and me. I’m confident that you’ll like my products, and so I make myself available directly to my customers. On the Contact Us tab, you’ll find my personal cell phone number. Irish beard balm is one of the few 
beard companies around that you can speak directly to the owner.

Call me with questions, concerns or ideas about product improvements. If you want a different fragrance, give me a call. I will try to make it for you, usually with no additional charge.


Thank you very much and remember:

Beard on, and beard long. 

As you can see, my beard genes are strong.
From the left: my uncle Matt, me, my uncle Mark and my dad.  

Our fragrances are 
Log Cabin
​Whiskey Barrel

​Clove Bud



Smoke Jumper

Welcome to Irish beard balm ​

About us

Irish beard balm

North Port, FL, United States

Phone: (941) 730-8385


I’m Kevin Shahan, and I hail from North Port, Florida, on the Gulf Coast. I’m just a regular guy who has a regular job but wasn’t satisfied with a regular beard balm. I wanted to create something superior for my beard, and for yours — something excellent and affordable for regular guys like you and me.

To the left is my family. From the left is my son Kevin Jr, the guy with the beard is me, and the young lady on the right is my daughter Princess Amber. 

I work full time as a mechanic, my daughter is a college student studying to become a pediatric nurse and my son is a freshman in college studying to be a computer engineer.  They are my inspiration to strive to be the best that I can be, everyday. 

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